My horse has had multiple surgeries to remove tumors. Why do the tumors continue to come back?

Answer: One major reason is that surgery rarely removes the stem or the base of a mass, so in fact only part of the mass is being removed. No matter what means of surgery is implemented, the stem or base still exists and is likely to continue to grow. Another problem is that surgery creates scar tissue which may become a breeding ground for mass cells. Earth Angel Herbs does not disagree with surgery, especially in life-threatening situations, but we suggest giving your horse a chance to recover in a more natural and noninvasive way before attempting surgery which may turn into a lifelong battle.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: My horse is on a vitamin supplement. Will this interfere with the tumor regimen? Can I feed two formulas at once?
Answer: There will be no interference. Vitamins are concentrated food, as are herbs. We have not found any problems with using vitamins during the regimen period, but because the horse's digestive & metabolic systems will be working more efficiently, all supplements should become more effective. Please avoid administering our formulas to animals taking anti-seizure medications. Two complex herbal formulas are fine, but three is too much and will confuse the system and become ineffective.

Question: My horse's tumors are shrinking, but occasionally it looks like the tumors are larger. What is the reason for this?
Answer: It is common for gray horse tumors to have enormous bases, sometimes several feet long.  As the tumor cells push to the surface where they inevitably die off, more continues to surface, giving the impression that nothing is happening or there is enlargement. At times it may take the entire tumor base surfacing before you see the mass go down.  As soon as the entire base surfaces, the tumors will rapidly decrease.

Question: I wasn't sure Nublada's Formula was working until the black skin under my horse's tail that surrounds the tumor started getting grayish/white spots on it. A few weeks later, the skin started to shrivel up and I knew the formula was working. What are these spots from?
Answer: Essentially, this is the mass drying up. The tissue is no longer being supplied with blood, cell necrosis happens, and the tissue is slowly absorbed and eliminated from the body.

Question: My horse has become very energetic since taking Nublada's Formula. Why is this?
Answer: This formula helps with general digestion and metabolism. Your horse will begin to feel much less burdened and will have more access to core energy. Our formulas at E.A.H. always look towards providing the best overall health and balance. When your horse is feeling good, you will notice.

Question: My mare has tumors on the jaw line and under her tail. The jaw line tumor seems to be responding quicker than the one under her tail. Will the tumor under her tail shrink too?
Answer: When a horse has multiple masses it is common for some to respond faster than others. Any sign of tumor shrinkage means that other masses will shrink in time. When a mass appears to be slow in responding, this usually means it has a large base or stem to it. Be patient, the healing can take from eight months to upwards of two years on average. The formula will address them all in time, no matter where the location.

Question: When can I expect to see results from Nublada's Formula?
Answer: Some masses visibly start to change in just a few weeks, especially sarcoids,  while other masses take a few months to notice change and stubborn cases may take up to one year before any noticeable changes are seen. As a general rule, ANY change in mass size or shape is a good sign, even if it means enlargement. Massaging masses religiously for a few minutes each day will significantly speed up the entire process.

Question: Will the tumors come back?
Answer: If all masses are gone, including any internal ones, the chances of reoccurrence are lessened. We recommend staying on the original Nublada's Formula dosage for at least 4 months after the external masses are gone in order to treat any lingering internal masses.

Question: What feed or grain do you recommend?
This is not an easy choice for many, but the only thing we’re recommending for grain is organic.  The reason is that all the major feed companies are now using GMO (genetically modified organisms) in horse feeds.  Feeding organic is imperative when treating animals with malignancies. Even hay pellets contain soy, which is gmo.  If organic isn’t an option, we recommend feeding the formula with applesauce, oatmeal, apples, etc.  Grain is not required.  Also, GMO alfalfa has been approved in the US and Canada and will likely be in feeds and hay by late 2012.  Dog owners, please be aware that the GMO crops are also being used in companion pet foods and the sources of meat and meat by-products would shock and repulse you.  Here is a brief list of the most common GMO crops: Soybeans, Corn, Sweet Corn, Cotton, Hawaiian Papaya, Tomatoes, Potatoes, Canola (rapeseed), Sugar Cane, Sugar Beets & Rice.  There are no requirements by law for the labeling of these crops, so the only way to avoid them is by purchasing organic or food that specifically says, GMO-free.

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