Coco has about 5 days left of her second 20-day on and 5 day off regimen and I am seeing big changes in the size of her tumors. Back in the spring on the advice of a vet, I treated her sarcoid tumor with Exterra. While it was somewhat effective in removing the sarcoid, it was an awful ordeal to put my horse thru and it left a scar. When she developed two more smaller tumors, one on her neck and one near her rear flank, I decided to try the tumor formula. Within 10 days of starting the tumor formula, the tumor on her neck has reduced in size from about the size of a pencil eraser to to the size of a pencil point. The tumor on her flank went from about the size of nickle to the size of a dime. Additionally, the previously- treated Exterra sarcoid tumor is more flat in appearance (apparently there was still some tumor root remaining). She is about two weeks into the second round of dosing and the tumors are further reducing in size. The one of her neck is so small that it is hard to locate and the one on her flank is now about the size of a pencil eraser. The previously-treated Exterra sarcoid is almost completely flat. Additionally, Coco is an easy-keeper and I struggle with keeping her weight down. She was starting to develop a little crest in her neck but it also has gone down to normal so I think the tumor formula is helping with reducing inflammation and/or increasing metabolism.

Carol Hopkins, Ironton, MO
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I have three separate first-hand stories about Earth Angel Herbs, and strongly recommend them with no reservations. (1) My grey thoroughbred Beau Blue developed multiple melanoma tumors under tail, around anus, inside sheath, on penis - at the age of eight. They were getting bigger too, and I tried everything, laser surgery, cimetidine, a vet that charged thousands to centrifuge bits of the tumors and re-inject them, various immune system strengthening medicines. Nublada's Formula was a last resort. It controlled and crumbled the tumors generated by my grey tumor factory for 22 years with no side effects or reduction in his ability to hunt, compete in dressage, or go for days-long trail rides. He died at 30 - NOT from melanoma. (2) I rode a friend's horse for a number of years, the #4 horse in the U.S. for adult amateurs. He developed a very nasty, fast-growing sarcoma on his penis. They put him on Nublada's Formula, and it slowed and shrank the tumor - we had another year and a half of wonderful riding. (3) I acquired an elite Orlov Trotter mare two years ago. As the result of an inappropriate owner, she suffered from advanced uveitis among other ills (starved, lame, frightened, arthritic, terrible shoulder hematoma, etc.) The blind eye, clouded, receded, weeping, exuding fluid, was very, very nasty and there were indications that it was painful. I put the mare on Earth Angel Herbs' Healthy Horse. She has regained what health is left to her, but the interesting development is her eye - still blind, but clear, normal looking, no weeping or exuding, and apparently does not now bother her. I think that the Earth Angel Herbs owner, Lisa St. Michael, must have a knowledge of herbs and what to do with them that is not found anywhere else in my experience - and I have owned and personally cared for horses for 60 years.

Judith Robinson, Sykesville, MD.

I have been using your Nublada's cure supplement on my Arabian mare, Katie, for 10 years now. I recently also started it for another mare who has developed melanomas, and it has worked very well, much better and with longer term results than Cimetidine. I also prefer to use the herbs to help build immunity in addition to controlling the tumors. I love the product so much that when I realized you had a COPD formula, I thought I'd try it on a little mini mare rescue that I have. She was diagnosed 2 years ago with COPD and since then, I have used steroids very sparingly and with limited success. She was coughing every day, and her listlessness and depression really made me sad. I am not exaggerating when I call your COPD formula a miracle. Within a day or two, this mare stopped coughing, and hasn't coughed once since March when she started on the product. Instead of being a wallflower all day, head lowered, standing against the fence, she now joins in playtime with the other minis and last week I watched her lead the herd in a brisk gallop around and around the paddock; eyes bright and what I swear was a smile on her face. I am so thankful to you for giving her life back. Thank you for putting out such excellent quality products.

Sue Crane, Clarkesville, GA

I spoke to you a few months back about how well the C.O.P.D. Support worked on horses. I have a stable and have had all types of horses in, also I have rescued a lot of weak sick ones. As of to date we have had one pony and four horses use it on a continual basis with excellent results,  we really believe in the herbal things. So please keep up the good work, we all breathe better because of this supplement.

Thanks again,

Elizabeth Nobles, Pleasant Oak Stables Cantonment, Florida

I live in a lyme endemic area in NH. Most horses that I know of who have been tested for Lyme disease have had exposure. I found your product through an online search when looking for herbal alternatives to lyme several years ago, after going a round of doxycycline with my horses. Since I started using Lyme Support, I've only had one case that needed antibiotic treatment, and that didn't last because the horse was intolerant of the doxycycline. Instead, I treated with herbs, and continued the Lyme Support and my 20 year old gelding is still sound despite continuous exposure to the disease for the 15 years that I've owned him, and severe lyme symptoms in 2001. I have acquired two new horses in the past 3 years, and put them on Lyme Support as a matter of course, and neither have exhibited lyme symptoms.

Thanks for an effective product!

Jocelyn VanBokkelen, South Hampton, NH

I Just Want you to know how great the tumor formula has worked for our 28 year old gray horse. Last year we were at the point of thinking we were going to have to put him down, he had lost weight, in much pain and would lay down unless we would pull him up to eat. Until we found your product on the web. It has made a 110% difference. The tumors have either gone or have decreased in size. We had several Vets tell us there was nothing we could do and he would just keep going down until we would have to make that dreaded decision. Now he is full of energy and has gained all his weight back and is acting like a young stud. We have called the Vets back just to see the difference and they cannot believe he is still here and what a difference it has made.

Thanks A Million for getting our Jessie back to normal.

Tootie Burge, Holden, LA

Hi, Lisa - I received my order and just wanted to thank you again. Your product is great. Last summer the tumors started to get bigger but we increased the dosage and they have gone down considerably. Just wanted to thank you for your product, your consideration and professionalism on behalf of myself and my horse. We've had her about 20 years now and she'll always be with us. We'd like to make her as comfortable as possible.

Jeanne Matsui, Los Angeles, CA

I just wanted to share with you how thrilled I am with how well your herbs for tumors is working with my wonderful paint "Hummer." I began using the herbs about 3 months ago when he developed a very large tumor (about the size of a man's fist) on his neck. This is not the first nor is it the only tumor on his body, but it was by far the largest and the most stubborn of tumors.

This tumor is reduced now by about 50-60% and the other tumors, especially the ones around his groin are becoming smaller as well, they are reduced from the size of a cherry tomato to the size of a small grape. The tumors on his underbelly which were more flat in their shape are difficult to detect with the eye and can only slightly be felt if you rub over them.

On an interesting, note, when I purchased him several years ago, he had what appeared to be bog spavins around his hock joints. He had barely been worked in his life and x-rays of these joints showed no damage to the joints. Over a few years, these puffy areas swelled up even more. My vet concluded (without doing a biopsy) that the synovial fluid capsules were too elastic and not holding well and filling up with fluid (we never drained them, so this was just an educated guess.) Well, since he's been on the herbs, this puffiness is greatly reduced.

Thank you again!!!! I have told my vet about your product and I know that she has referred several clients to your product. I have also told almost everyone I know that is familiar with Hummer's tumors.

Leslie Nichols, Fountain Hills, AZ

Lisa, I am the one that e-mailed you a couple months ago asking if Earth Angel Herbs worked on leukemia in horses. You said that you had no experience yet with this. Well, our children's pony has been in for a check up and is doing very well. Her blood levels have really leveled out. She is on Earth Angel Herbs and Intron A from our vet. These two combined are really doing amazing things for her. Thank you for all that you have done in this research. I should also tell you that she is an American Shetland and ran a 22.9 second pole run while under-going this treatment. That is the fastest time she has ever done!!! Now tell me she isn't feeling fabulous!

Tammy Backhaus, Bismark, ND

We experienced a two-year period of Laminitis with our four-year old mustang, Sierra, which did include a rotation of the coffin bone in his right front hoof. He was barely able to walk and spent most of his time lying down. It was extremely painful to watch him try to get up from a lying position with the inflammation. As a Veterinary Assistant, I am aware of the damage Bute can do to the internal organs so we started Sierra on your Easy Stride Lameness Formula. In 30 days he was a different horse--trotting, bucking and a bit of horseplay with his pal, Buddy.

The set-back occurred last May when we were out of town. While under a neighbor's care, someone came onto our property and fed the horses something toxic. Laminitis flared, this time in both horses. Buddy was so sore the Farrier could not shoe him. He was booted for five weeks while the feet began to heal. Again, with both horses on Easy Stride, Buddy recovered in about three weeks--no boots.

We feel nothing else could possibly help our horses as have your products, Lisa. I am sure, without Easy Stride, Sierra would have had to be put down. Now we are toying with his saddle once again.

Thank you for your loving, caring heart, and for your "life-saving products."

Leia Stinnett, Paulden, AZ

Last week I sent you a testimonial.I should have waited a week. Raffi's sarcoid has healed over. No more exposed flesh. No more blood oozing from the sarcoid down her leg. Nublada's Cure is amazing.

Candace Grant, Franktown, CO

I wrote back in November 06 with the success I was having with the Tumor formula on my half Andalusion filly. I am very pleased to announce that it is now the end of March 07 and Pais is TUMOR FREE! It has taken almost a year from beginning to end, but she is doing wonderful. I have moved her over to the Healthy Horse formula but continue to monitor her very closely for any changes.

I also wanted to now brag on the healthy horse formula! We were given a horse at Christmas time that has a history of Uveitis. I decided to have the formula on hand for when he arrived and started him on it right away. He had a flare up this past Sunday and I began treating him with his normal prescribed medication . By Tuesday morning, his eye was back to normal and the blueing effect was no longer present. I was SO relieved and was convinced his body was able to do what it was supposed to do normally with utilizing this maintenance formula! I immediately called the person we obtained the horse from to find out how long he normally takes to respond and get over his outbreaks. His normal recoup time is between 1-3 weeks! Although there is no cure I am so thankful that at least I might have found a way to reduce his recovery time. Catching and treating an outbreak as fast as possible is the most important thing to help prevent blindness and the shorter amount of time his eye is in distress, the better. I now have two confirmations of success with these products and I truly do not know what I would do if they were no longer available! Thanks so much AGAIN!

Danna Eames-Mckeown, Alvin, Texas

A year ago last November, I had a sarcoid excised from my Arab mare's lower flank. My Vet prescribed Nublada's Cure, but I didn't do it long enough. In September, the sarcoid came back -- angrier and uglier than before. And it was growing fast. I immediately got Nublada's Cure again. It slowly started to recede. Today, I took a long look at that sarcoid. I think it will be healed over very soon. From an angry area of about 6 square inches, it's down to only 1 square inch. And after it's healed, I'll continue Nublada's Cure to prevent recurrence. I wish I'd taken photos to document how this sarcoid regressed. Nublada's Cure is amazing.

Candace Grant, Franktown, CO

I wanted to share my experience and so far success with ending the life of Sarcoid tumors thanks to Nublada's Cure! I have never had an experience in 30 years with a Sarcoid tumor so I was devastated when my 1 1/2 year old half Andalusion filly developed 4 at one time. This filly is my "heart" because I literally delivered her and then we lost her mother while she was being weaned. I read all of your testimonials and like some, was skeptical. I have never tried anything like this before, so I was skeptical at first and proceeded with the normal route of going to a vet and having them surgically removed. At the time the tumors ranged from the size of a nickel to a quarter. On the 10th day after the surgery, ALL 4 sites burst out with Sarcoids! All sites were double the size they started and one was actually about 5 times the original size. I really began to feel hopeless at this point so I went immediately out to your website and read the testimonials again. Right then and there I figured I had nothing to lose and everything to gain and placed an order for the 4 month supply. While I was waiting for it to come in, I took her back to the vet and had them frozen. My theory was, I would treat them from the inside AND the outside. The vet was amazed at how bad they had gotten and couldn't believe they all came back on the same day on the same afternoon. He informed me gently that this procedure would work but due to the aggressive behavior and size of the tumors that it would take multiple freezings on a monthly basis until they were gone. The day after the freezing took place, my supply of Nublada's Cure came in and I began feeding it to her. After 2 weeks each site showed significant change for the better. I was so excited! By day 21 ALL 4 tumors have fallen off and she only has a small scab on each area. We will monitor these closely for any regressive behavior however things are looking really great! She will be staying on her formula until I am convinced they are not coming back! A neighbor which happens to be a nurse was totally shocked at the progress that has occurred. She and I both are convinced that without adding the formula to her diet after the freezing I would NOT be having the success that I am now. In addition her overall body condition has showed changes as well. She has become very shiny and you can tell she just feels better all together. Sarcoids are just EVIL things and I have read and heard of so many horror stories. I thank God everyday for the success we have seen and will recommend this product to ANYBODY having issues with Sarcoids! It's like I said before, you don't have anything to lose but EVERYTHING to gain!

Thanks so very much and I will keep you posted on her success!

Danna Eames-Mckeown, Alvin, Texas

I wanted to let you know how happy I am with your Lyme support, and Healthy horse formula too. My older horse (22 years) is definately better in many ways ever since he started on Lyme support. I live in a heavy Lyme disease area. My experience with Lymes is that I don't believe the test (as there is false positives and false negatives), don't have faith in the vaccine (my dog contracted the disease after having been vaccinated), and don't like or have faith in the conventional treatment (doxy/tetracycline, I myself had Lymes and had HUGE doses of longterm antibiotics, enough to make you sick, and my horse only had a minor improvement after 3 months on doxy). Anyway, to put it briefly, I do not want to stop the Lyme support, although you suggest eventually switching him to Healthy horse, which we will do in the near future. I can't thank you enough for your products, and I hope that other horses can be helped too.

Thank you Lisa,

Mindy Sweeny, East Falmouth, MA

Our 19 year old Appaloosa gelding, Ferdi, started with his cancer when he was 10 years old. He had a spot of cancer removed and cryotherapy used on his eye. We then started using a fly mask on him after that surgery. He had cryotherapy on his sheath about 6 years later several times, and 8 years later again on his eye. 3 months after the last cryotherapy I found out about Nublada's Cure. 6 months after we started using Nublada's Cure, I adjusted his dosages and number of times daily, per Lisa's instructions, and also started using an organic grain with the Nublada's Cure. We were able to give him 1 tablespoon 3 times a day for 3 or 4 days a week, depending on our work schedule. Before we adjusted his dosage, our Vet said we could try cryotherapy again or it was maybe time to think about removing his eye, which wouldn't have helped the recurring cancer on his sheath. So we adjusted the dosage and by 4 months later his eye was almost clear from the clouded gray-white part that had been in it. The recurrence of it on his sheath basically dried up and fell off. The Vet was amazed when she saw his eye a month later than when she was out to give spring shots. Its now 6 months later and his eye is still clear. I have a piece of denim sewn to the inside of his mask on the "bad" side so he is in darkness during the day and the mask comes off at night. He's still on the Nublada's Cure 2 times a day with the organic grain, 28 days on and 2 days off, which I intend to continue with for his lifetime.

Hilde Palmer, Elizabeth, CO

Hi! I just wanted to report to you the miracles that have taken place since starting my horses on easy stride and the wellness formula. One mare that has severe Lyme, barely able to move and has been treated with antibiotics with min. success, also has Cushing's and founders at the drop of a hat. I have this mare on both and she has been acting like a youngster again (she's 20) moving freely, trotting and cantering around in the field, head up, and in heat (ugh) but this has not occurred for about 5 yrs! Things are shaking and moving! This mare was so bad I was going to have her put to sleep, now she is happy and looks like she is getting better everyday! The walking horses I just got, one with severe hives, I have on the wellness mix, not one hive left, coat coming in and shiny! The gelding with lameness, no signs of lameness! My other mare who had nothing wrong, just incurred a bad injury to the leg... she got kicked by a horse that broke thru the fence and had shoes on. The result is skin taken off to bone and hairline fracture... that day I put her on both formulas, that was Friday... vet was back today and was astonished at the healing taking place! Swelling almost all gone, there was copious pus within 8 hrs of injury and now none, he checked to make sure it was not healing from outside...and low and behold no... from inside out... just like you want! He was scratching his head, and I told him about the herbs...and all he could say was "really?" She is also on antibiotics of course, but I am convinced the formulas helped. Oh, and she's not limping anymore... only if she trots too much. I am sure that everything will heal perfectly. I also did not put her on bute, I put her on white willow bark, and devil's claw, and MSM as I feel bute compromises healing, so am I convinced? You bet! Thank you thank you!!!!!! And all these horses thank you! Bless you!

Kathy Piccorelli, Katanah, NY

I, too, want to thank you for Nublada's Cure. My 10 year old paint mare developed a very large tumor near her teats. It was big enough that I could not fit my hand around it and it was raw and oozing. It seemed to come on very suddenly, almost as if it had been entirely internal and then burst out. At any rate, no one I spoke to who examined her tumor had ever seen anything like it before. All sorts of things were recommended … from aggressive worming treatment, to injections, to surgery. I started researching online and came across your website and decided to try Nublada's Cure. My mare has been on the herbal supplement for about a year now… and I am so pleased. The tumor has shrunk considerably… it is now about the size of a large marble and it is obviously drying out. The added benefit is that her coat is shinier and so is her disposition… there is no question about the fact that she is feeling much better. The same people who examined her initially are just amazed at the results.

Dana Forchette, Winchester, CT

I want to tell you a 'success' story about my horse on your Nublada's Cure. A year or 2 ago I purchased and rescued an emaciated 6 y.o. warmblood. He was a physical and behavioral mess. He had sarcoids, of which 3 had to be surgically removed over this time period. Searching on the Internet, I found your website, and wrote to you about my horse. The response was very supportive and I started him on Nublada's Cure. Very slowly we noticed changes. On his weeks off the cure, he would have a slight diarrhea (!) and he would be very cranky. I told the vet and he thought it would be the other way around, I could tell he didn't believe me. However, his behavior continued to be so aggressive and dominant that the vet recommended a quarter horse trainer in my area that would retrain horses such as him. He was sent to boot camp and boy did he need it. This horse was also extremely unhappy. He was placed on a basic pellet and hay diet. It would have to do. And yet, here too, we very slowly noticed changes. In April he got an injury and I took him home to recuperate, and placed him back on the cure and his natural diet. He was much easier to handle and friendlier to humans. His behavior wasn't workable yet, and in September he had to go back to boot camp, and a pellet diet. I took him home again next April. When the summer coat came out I noticed nothing. No more sarcoids!! It took another 2 months at home for a real behavioral change. He is now very affectionate and I ride him alone in my outdoor arena. I never thought I could. My 7 y.o. feeds him and is learning to lead him. He follows her like a puppy dog. He is a happy horse, his whole facial expression changed. I do think his digestive and immune system are his vulnerable areas though, so I am going to put him on your healthy horse formula, and of course he is still on the natural diet. Thanks for helping me and this horse!

Heathir Fostyni, Cheshire, CT

Once again, I thank you for sharing this wonderful herbal formula with the public! Not without obstacle, I am sure. My horse suffered 3 sarcoids, 2 of which were very large. The large one under his arm and the smaller one on his foreleg were removed, with the root as well, with the assistance of a veterinarian. However, two vets refused to remove the very large tumor on the inside of his upper foreleg because it was right over the large vein running down the leg. They both believed the root of the sarcoid would probably be perilously entangled with the vein. However, I felt I had no choice but to try to remove the external portion of the tumor, which was bleeding and daily growing larger. I used a blood root herbal, causing an ulcerated "scab". This process caused the horse a good deal of pain and was very hard to use as I had to muzzle the horse to keep him from burning his nose on the herbal cream. I had to use a surgical mask over the protuberant tumor, held in place with human surgical tape, to keep the cream from smearing all over the leg, or later, as the layers were burned away, from the large "wound" picking up filth in the stall. It was a nightmare! I was able to get the base of the tumor exposed, but unable to remove it as I could see that the root system of the tumor was very extensive and deep. Proud flesh entered the scene. I was at my wits end, with only prayer to turn to when I saw your ad in the May 2004 issue of Equus magazine. With nothing else to try, I ordered the formula. I have been giving it to the horse daily (2x a day, as instructed) for a year now and the tumor is gone, leaving a lovely, smooth black scar! Both vets have reexamined the tumor sight and to their chagrin, have confirmed the tumor is gone (Praise God I must add!). My horse is a fussy eater and I have given it to him with a little applesauce and carrot bits. I feel like a Mom making lunch for the kiddies each day! However, I have been DILIGENT in giving him this formula separate from his other meals, as I feel it is important that I know he is eating the entire dosage, and not leaving it in the bottom of his feed tub, which is washed by barn staff after each meal. Also, the formula does not "compete" with other food items during metabolism. And, I can also confirm that his metabolism has increased! He has been holding his weight with a good third less of his earlier feed level. Thank you once again, Lisa. The before and after pictures are in the mail as well. Impressive.

Nancy Lennon, Morris Plains, NJ

I want to thank you for recommending to me your "Easy Stride Lameness Formula." After using this formula for about 3 weeks I began to notice amazing improvements in my quarter horse of 23 years. When I purchased my mare at 14 years of age she was on arthritic supplements for her hocks. This worked fine for awhile, but as the years passed she became sore again. My veterinarian suggested that we begin giving her injections of hyaluronate sodium for her arthritic condition, but at the same time keep her on her arthritic supplements. This was very effective for awhile but as time passed these injections seemed no longer effective. I noticed her spending most of her time in her stall when not being ridden. As I was already using one of your other formulas for another one of my horses with great success, I decided to try this "Easy Stride" on my arthritic horse after talking with you. About three weeks into using it I noticed my mare walking around her paddock freely, meeting me at the gate each morning for her breakfast and overall feeling good. She no longer needs to be on her chondroitin sulfates, glucosamine and methylsulfonylmethane supplements nor does she receive joint therapy injections anymore. We ride together 3 - 4 days a week and she again has a wonderful jog. I am very grateful for all of your helpful advice toward my horses. You not only have wonderful products that really work but you truly care about helping each one of our animals.

Pat Chinick, Jupiter, FL

My Lipizzan gelding had about three melanomas the size of the end of my thumb, between the "cheeks" of his hind legs. I started him on the Earth Angel Nublada's powder and after about a year, the lumps were much smaller- now 2 years later, the lumps are gone! Because he is a gray and therefore prone to melanomas, I keep him on the powder as a maintenance program and so far no new lumps have shown up.

G. Edwards, Sherwood, OR

I have a 28 year old Arab mare that I've owned for 14 years. She came to me with melanomas under her tail… It's been many years since I've been able to touch her tail. We've been using Nublada's Cure for over a year and now I can brush her tail! I can see improvement continuing with each tub of Nublada's Cure that I buy. It's very gradual, but those melanomas were there for a long time! Thanks for making a great product.

D. Thuener, Fort Lupton, CO

I just wanted to share what Earth Angel Herbs are doing for my horses. I have a 17-year old thoroughbred gelding that has had melanoma since he was 7. Last spring, the tumors under his tail and around his rectum seemed to grow exponentially. He was uncomfortable letting his tail hang flat, he started having difficulty passing manure, and started just standing in the corner of his stall with his face turned away from any activity. He also became grouchy which is not his disposition. The vet said it was time to consider putting him down. Instead, I researched your advertisement in Dressage magazine and my husband and I decided to try it. After just one week on the herbs, my gelding had regained some of his energy and light back in his eyes. Within a month, the tumors on the side of his tail began to shrink and "slough off". After the second month he started to grow hair on the sides of his tail where the tumors were diminishing and the extremely large tumors under his tail were noticeably shrinking. At eight months, the tumors are less than half the original size. He is running and bucking in the fields again with plenty of energy left for riding (when the weather cooperates)! I also placed my American Hanovarian mare on the herbs for treating sarcoids. I had had a large sarcoid injected before I received the herbs, but the small one on her face disappeared. But interestingly enough, her behavior changed dramatically. I bought her as a filly because she was unmanageable. I had trained many "unmanageable" youngsters that just needed extra time and handling, and looked forward to another one. This filly was different. She would actually harm herself and anything in her path once she got upset. She was nervous, unable to stand still, "heard" and "saw" things constantly. I worked professionally as a breaking trainer for many years, but after starting scores of horses, this one I truly feared. She is now 10, and still "green". The change in her behavior after starting the herbs has been remarkable! My children (ages 9 and 12) can now ride the mare. She's so relaxed now, it's necessary to use a lot of leg and carry a whip. Before now, one "cluck" would last a whole ride and had to be used with extreme caution. I actually took her off of the herbs, thinking she had just "grown up" finally. Within two weeks, she was a nervous wreck again. I've kept her on a maintenance dose ever since. I am so grateful for these herbs. They have given my gelding his life back and given my mare a chance at life! Thank you so much.

Sheilah Moyle, Oxford, NC

While monitoring an under lying growth on my gelding's neck, I realized that over the course of a year the mass had aggressively grown and literally over taken the left side of his neck in length, width, and depth. Due to the aggressive growth pattern, I began searching for some type of medication that would treat the mass. I came across an advertisement for Earth Angels Herbs in one of my equine magazines and thought I'd give it a try. Realizing I wouldn't see immediate results, I committed to using Nublada's Cure anti tumor formula for 8 months figuring if I didn't see some results I would discontinue using the product and search for another option. Within 4 months of feeding the supplement I saw remarkable improvements. The mass began softening and breaking up almost as if it was dissolving. I've been using the product now for 9 months and the tumor has dramatically reduced in size. I'm so thrilled with the product that I've recommend it to several of my friends who have found melanomas on their horses. I can't say enough about the great results I've experienced. Thank you Nublada's Cure!

G. Anrico, Manhattan, IL

We have been using Nublada's Cure on our mare for 8 months. The tumors around her genitalia and tail have decreased in size, they have not disappeared yet, but they are considerably smaller. We will continue to keep her on treatment.

Jorge Rojas, MD Pleasant View, TN

My 16 year old grey Arabian mare developed a sarcoid near the bottom of her flank about a year ago. It started out as a 1/2 inch symmetrical patch that resembled ring worm, which is what I thought it was. It grew relatively slow to about 2"x 11/2". My vet diagnosed it as a sarcoid and told me since she is not a show horse that I shouldn't be concerned. He said it was strictly cosmetic and the only treatment available for this condition really didn't work. Luckily, I discussed it with a friend who just happens to own Earth Angel Herbs. I have been giving my mare Nattalia, "Nublada's Cure" for about a month and a half. In this short time I have noticed dramatic changes in the appearance of the sarcoid. There is new hair growing over the area and it seems to be disappearing! Not only am I thrilled with what it has done for the sarcoid but also I would have to say her overall health has improved. She definitely has more energy! Thank You Lisa!!!

Sylvia Galloway, Sedona, AZ

As you may recall, I spoke with you this spring when my mare had been going through an expediential growing period of melanomas that has infiltrated her lymph glands, respiratory system and her deep muscle tissue. In April she was given no more that 4-6 months to live due to the rapid growth of these tumors. Through endless hours of research I came upon the Earth Angel Herbs site and decided to try it since I was already losing my battle to the continued progression of these melanomas with no veterinary hope for correction. We had already been turned down by several research facilities due to the advanced non-operative nature of her melanomas, so what else was there to do? And the rest is history. As you know, I did order herbs and noticed that there were some small changes at first, but decided to continue as this was my first sign of any hope and you and I had discussed that this could take a while. As she made continued steady improvements I then put two of my other grays on the tumor treatment and watched as they too have been having results that my veterinarians cannot believe. One of the horses that was added to the program is a Warmblood that had suffered a battle against a stallion about 8 months prior to being on the tumor treatment. As a result of his injuries, he had lost a great deal of muscle in his hip, one of the muscles that run from the spine to the stifle to be precise. It did not appear the muscle would regenerate any more than it had. This left a huge indent in his rump, but the extent of any limited movement had yet to be determined. As a result of being on the tumor treatment he had regained almost all of the muscle mass in his rump and is actually going to begin training again as a jumper!

Carla Mullen, Smithmill, PA

My thoroughbred mare, Rose, is my pride and joy and my salvation. I just love her and when I noticed each year that her cancer bumps were spreading, it was of great concern to me. I was so happy to find your product on the Internet. Rose has been on the herbs since May. I have noticed a marked decrease in the number and size of the bumps. This past spring they had become larger and more aggressive. At this point I am not positive they will completely be gone, but I am hopeful. Any improvement is worth the investment. Thank you so much for helping us with this depressing condition.

Ellie Gabeler, Jamestown, RI

Tobey is a 17 yr. old grey mare that I have owned and loved for 14 yrs. She developed her first melanoma at 5 yrs. old on her chest and has since developed many more: her entire tail bone, around and in both ears, throat area...I have tried all remedies available with no results. I found EARTH ANGEL during one of my periodic Internet searches for new help 6 months ago. I ordered Nublada's Cure immediately. I noticed Tobey feeling better within the first month or so but no difference in tumor size. Her continued sense of feeling better than she had in a long time had my second order in on time. At month 5, my heart soared! A tumor surrounding the base of her ear was shrinking rapidly and I can peel small ones off the underside of her tail now and find smooth tail skin underneath. She had also begun having problems digesting about a year ago so that I had to feed a lot of extruded old horse food to keep her weight on. She's looking and feeling really good now. This is just great! Thank you so much and I will keep you posted on her progress.

Sissy Howard, E. Falmouth, MA

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